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The Dutch diplomatic network in the United States represents Dutch citizens and interests in America.

Global Conference on CyberSpace

in The Hague

The Netherlands will host the Global Conference on CyberSpace April 16-17 in the Hague to address the challenges and opportunities presented by far-reaching digitization.


Dutch Culture USA

Old Masters to Modern Design

Dutch Culture USA is the division of the Kingdom of the Netherlands’ government that supports and promotes arts and culture from the Netherlands, including the Caribbean territories, in the United States.

Key Topics

Food & Nutrition

Food is a major industry in the Netherlands, which is the world’s second largest agricultural exporter behind only the United States. Food accounts for more than 21 percent of Holland’s exports and 10 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product.

February 26, 2015 Initiative 71 became law today, legalizing marijuana in Washington, D.C. under certain circumstances. Mayor Muriel Bowser said this week that the District will not become “like Amsterdam,” as though being “like Amsterdam” would be a bad thing. City Hall even refers to Amsterdam in their official Q&A. To give the people of Washington, D.C. an educated view of how D.C. compares to Amsterdam, the Netherlands Embassy in Washington offers this Q&A about Dutch marijuana laws and policies and an infographic.

February 24, 2015 (Washington, D.C.) – The Center for Strategic and International Studies' Strategic Technologies Program and the Royal Netherlands Embassy will host its first-ever cyber policy hackathon. The event, Cyber DiploHack 2015, will take place at CSIS headquarters March 26 and 27.